Controversial Christmas Dinner: Woman Charges £150 Per Person for Festive Feast

As the festive season approaches, families around the world are gearing up for the time-honored tradition of coming together for holiday celebrations. For many, this means exchanging gifts, sharing stories, and indulging in delicious meals that warm both the heart and stomach. But sometimes, the holiday spirit takes an unexpected twist, like the story of Carla Bellucci, a woman once dubbed “the most hated woman in Britain,” who is back in the spotlight with a rather audacious request.

If you happen to be on Carla’s list of friends or family members, you might have received an intriguing invitation to her home. However, attending her Christmas dinner comes with a twist—it’ll cost you a cool £150 per person. Yes, you read that right, guests are expected to pay for the privilege of joining in the festive feast.

Carla insists that she loves the Christmas season and cherishes spending time with her family and friends. However, she firmly believes that preparing a memorable meal should not become a financial burden. Considering the current cost-of-living crisis, some might argue that her reasoning is understandable.

Unsurprisingly, Carla’s decision has sparked a flurry of online criticism. The 42-year-old mother, who plans to dine with nine of her relatives on Christmas day, responded to her critics with a cheeky “Get stuffed, with all the trimmings.” While Carla acknowledges that hosting a gathering can be costly and time-consuming, she’s committed to providing a full turkey dinner complete with a glass of champagne, ensuring her guests won’t leave hungry or thirsty.

But here’s the catch—Carla will only provide one glass of champagne; if you want more, you’ll need to bring your own booze. She argues, “Everything I do is for profit, and my family understands that. If you want quality, you have to pay for it.” While some may argue that you could find a more affordable Christmas dinner at a carvery, Carla is determined to offer a classier dining experience.

She defends her decision by comparing it to dining at a hotel or restaurant, where a Christmas meal could cost you just as much. In her words, “Why should I be out of pocket?” Carla also assures her guests that they won’t be bored; she plans to keep the TV on in the background so everyone can watch whatever they like.

Despite the backlash, Carla stands firm on her decision. She emphasizes that her remarks aren’t for the sake of clout or seeking exposure—it’s a practical approach to life. Carla’s grand plan for Christmas dinner involves treating her guests to a memorable evening, with festivities ending around 10 PM.

So, whether you find Carla’s approach outrageous or innovative, one thing is for certain—this Christmas dinner will be an unforgettable experience for all involved, complete with a side of controversy.