Ed Sheeran Surprises This Wedding Couple With A Most Special Gift

Take a moment to think back to your wedding day. More than likely, the event was planned out to the letter but, like many couples, there was probably something in the background that was causing you stress. For some couples, it is the wedding planning itself that causes the stress but for other couples, it could be a variety of things. Perhaps there was an illness in the family and you were trying to make sure they could come to the wedding. For others, it could have been the financial strain of putting together the perfect wedding. There are times, however, we hear about a situation that touches our heart.

That is what happened when we saw this video about a young couple from Australia. They were certainly going through a difficult time as her mother had recently taken her own life. Kyle wanted to give something special to his wife but he wasn’t sure how. That is when he got in touch with a radio station in Sydney, KIIS 106.5.

The young groom-to-be, Matt, wrote that he wanted to give the best wedding to his bride but they had to postpone because of the family tragedy.

To his surprise, the radio station had them come on the air and interviewed them about what was taking place in their lives.

The level of sadness they were going through is difficult to describe but that sadness was about to lift a little, thanks to a special surprise from the radio station.


They were going to give this young couple the wedding of their dreams and they were going to chip in $80,000 to do so.

When the couple was told the news, they were overcome with emotion. We can only imagine what they were feeling during that time.

When the day finally arrived, they had everything put together and were about to become man and wife. When the bride was on her way to the wedding, you can see just how happy she was that her dream was about to come true.


Perhaps you remember the trip to your wedding and how special those moments were. I can still remember the close friends and family that was there with me as I was on my way to the happiest moment in my life. I’m sure she was feeling the same way and it shows in her smile.

Their dream wedding was going along exactly like they had hoped. As they stood in front of their guests and exchanged vows, both of them were probably thinking about their journey and what it took to get them to this point in their lives.


For this couple, it took a lot of love and togetherness to get through such a difficult time. The special wedding was also something that was surely going to stay in their memory for a lifetime. As it turns out, however, there was one more special surprise waiting for this bride and groom.

When it was time for the first dance, they were ready to go out on the dance floor but they were shocked when they saw who was coming through the door. It was Ed Sheeran, and they were about to have their wedding song performed live by the artist who has been a part of so many other wedding dances.


Ed Sheeran performed Thinking out Loud, which is one of the most popular wedding songs. The young couple was overwhelmed with the generosity of those who were putting on the perfect wedding for them. Ed Sheeran is well known as a wedding crasher but when he shows up, nobody complains.

As this young couple danced their first dance together as husband and wife, they were probably overwhelmed with all that had taken place on that day. It was something that was magical and there is no doubt that they will never forget just how special that first day together was for them.


Although there was nothing that could have fully taken away the pain of losing her mother, this day was one to be remembered. From the drive to the wedding through till the first dance together, they had a fairytale wedding that will not be forgotten.

As you watch this special day together in this video, think back to your own wedding. Although you might not have had Ed Sheeran show up to sing the song for the first dance, you can probably remember some of the special times that stand out in your memory. Be sure you cherish those moments always and in the meantime, enjoy this special video:

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