3 Gymnasts Step On The Floor – Leave The Crowd Gasping For Air With Their Moves

There is nothing quite watching an athlete that is on top of their game. It just seems as if they are able to move in ways that normal people are unable to move. As we watch them perform in front of us, we can’t help but be overcome with awe and sometimes, with much emotion. After all, we are watching the height of human ability and it is something that really touches us on a deep level. That is sure to be the way you feel when you see these 3 gymnasts.

These gymnasts performed during the 2010 Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championship, held in Poland. The dancers themselves were from Russia and from the moment that they stepped out onto the floor until they were finished, the audience was entranced by their performance and their abilities. It is sure to be one of the best gymnastic routines that you have ever seen and there are so many amazing acrobatic moves throughout the show that you will have to watch it more than once. In fact, it only takes a few minutes into the show before one of them goes airborne!

When you see these types of acrobatic routines, it seems as if they are defying gravity. In reality, it isn’t a matter of magically doing these acts, it is a matter of practice, conditioning and a lot of endurance. That is what makes them able to do these amazing things without appearing to even break a sweat. It is little wonder that they were able to come off victorious in the end and when you get to the video, you will be amazed at what they were able to do.

As these gymnasts took the floor, nobody had any clue of what they were about to witness. It was something that would stick with them for a very long time because the routine went off without a single flaw. In fact, it doesn’t matter how many times you watch it, it just keeps getting better.

They took a brief pose at the beginning of their routine and from that point forward, it was constantly in motion. Be sure you watch the video more than once because you are going to see something new and amazing, each time you watch it.

It only took a few moments for them to get into the routine and from that point, the smallest of the trio was airborne. In fact, it seems as if they threw her so high that she was almost flying. After all, she disappears from view and when they catch her, she bounces back into a triple that will take your breath away.

Although all of these acrobats are petite, the smallest of the three is the one that ends up on top or in the air most frequently. This was a calculated move, and it helped to put on a performance that was nothing short of amazing.

Imagine the balance that is necessary to pull off a maneuver like you see in this image. It isn’t so much the weight of the girls, but the fact that they can stack themselves on top of each other in this way is nothing short of incredible.

Something else that is worth noting is the girl in the middle, who is doing a full split in the air. This requires years of training and conditioning, all so that they can pull off this one move in their routine.

Wit the next move, they take things to an entirely new level. The girls steady themselves and with a single move, the girl on top is now behind the other two girls, balancing herself on the leg of the girl in the middle. At first glance, this looks like it would be similar to what they were doing when they were stacked on top of each other but this requires much more.

There is a law in physics that states the force grows in proportion to the weight of the object being lifted multiplied by the distance from the axis. In other words, that tiny girl that was putting all of her body weight on the stack when she was on top is now exerting a much greater weight on the girl in the middle. It requires strength beyond what most people have.

As the routine ends, the audience is probably sad to see them go. They put on a performance that will be remembered for a very long time.

Thanks to this internet video, you get to see the entire performance for yourself. You are sure to be amazed with what they are able to do:

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