Are There Hidden Bars? How Many Do You See?

When we look at something, we tend to take it at face value. After all, there’s a reason why we say “seeing is believing” and it is because what we see is what we get. That’s right, everything that we see in front of us comes in through our eyes and then is processed in the brain. It happens every day, all day, and we take in the world around us through our sense of sight more than any of our other senses. It’s an excellent system that helps us to stay alive, alert, and enjoy life. There is something about our vision that is flawed as well, and that’s the fact that at times, and optical illusion may take over.

The information that flows from the world around us through our eyes and to our brain may sometimes flow a little bit too quickly. We can process an incredible amount of information but if too much information comes in, our brain tries to make up the difference and that is when an optical illusion occurs. We sometimes see optical illusions with lines that get blurry or made look crooked when they are actually straight. In the following optical illusion, you have to count the bars that are in the picture. How many do you see? Take a moment to count them and then check the next page for the real solution.

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