Put Your Math Skills To The Ultimate Test With This Tricky Problem

Most of us don’t have fond memories of math class when we were in school. But, while subjects such as algebra and trigonometry might not be useful in the daily lives of most folks, there’s no question that we all use basic math every day. However, improving your math skills can also translate into many other benefits.

For instance, one study conducted by Dr. Tanya Evans of Stanford University, suggests that improving our math makes our brains stronger and faster-calculating.


Math can also help us improve in other areas such as cooking, telling time, problem-solving, and understand our world much better. Structuring our minds to “think in math” can also help us cope with stressful situations, as we learn to break everything down into small problems we can solve one at a time.

Pixels/Yan Krukov

Below is a tricky mathematic equation that will really push your math skills to the limit! See if you can solve the problem below.

Okay, hold on! Now, take your time and make sure you’re confident in your solution. If you are, then go to the next page to see the answer.

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