You Can’t Use A Calculator. Are You Smarter Than A 7th Grader?

When you think back to school, what is the class that first comes to your mind? Some people are going to think about the class that they loved and others are going to think about the class that they hated. In both of those categories, somebody is going to be thinking about math class. For some people, math was a real challenge and they absolutely loved learning about numbers. Other people, however, struggled with even the basics and they may have wondered why or how they would ever use it in their personal life after school. Perhaps there was something that everybody thinks about when they think of math, however, and that’s a good math quiz.

What we have for you below can be considered a math quiz, but it is different than what you would take in school. Actually, the problem is very similar but the difference is, you are not going to be graded on the quiz. Yes, it is a pass or fail type of situation but the difference is, if you don’t get the answer right, it is not going to be on your permanent record! Most of us were able to answer these types of questions when we were in school without any problem. The problem is, when we get out of school, we tend to forget even the basics. Try to solve this math problem on your own and don’t use a calculator. When you get an answer, look at the following page to see if you were correct.

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