It’s Official: BMW Owners Are Voted As The Rudest Drivers

Road rage is a serious problem and if you have ever been the victim of it, you realize exactly how disheartening it can be. Perhaps you didn’t even know that you were being rude or you may have made a simple mistake but the person in the other car absolutely freaks out and makes your day miserable. This can happen to anyone and people of all walks of life have fallen victim to it on both sides of the coin. If you happen to know somebody that drives a BMW, however, you may just want to give them some bad news.

In a recent survey, BMW owners were revealed as being the rudest drivers and this is the official word. In fact, 56% of the participants admitted that they thought BMW M3 drivers were absolutely awful people. They weren’t alone. Range Rover owners also won 48% of the vote and Audi TT drivers received 43% of the vote, making them the third in the list of horrible human beings.

What about those who drive vans? The Ford Transit van also made the list and came in with 36% of the vote. This put them at number five on the list for the rudest drivers on the road.

The comments associated with the study, however, said that the Ford Transit drivers should’ve been moved to the top of the list but BMW owners still won, hands down.

If you happen to be somebody that drives a BMW, you may want to plug your ears when you hear the words that were spoken against them just a month ago. They were referred to as ‘holier-than-thou Prius drivers’, ‘reckless Subaru boy-racers’ and ‘smarmy businessmen’


This study on One Poll brought all of this to light but those who are considered the rudest drivers may have something to say on the matter. Only 1/6 of those drivers think that they fit in with that particular stereotype.

Advantage Leasing commissioned the study and the spokesman’s, James Buttrick said the following when he viewed the results.

“Whether accurate or not, the type of car we drive is seen to portray a great deal about our personality on the roads.

“The next time you find yourself in need of a new car, it might be worth considering the stereotype associated with each brand before making your final decision.”

This may not be the worst suggestion in the world because all of us tend to do things on occasion that results in a little bit of judgment coming our way.

Since the judgment is already verified, you may want to keep it in mind when you are perusing the car lot.

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