This Caretaker Uses An Old Rag To Swat An Elephant. Her Next Move Will Leave You Breathless.

When we take a look around the world, we find that there are many animals and we come to appreciate all of them. Some of the animals are quite small but others, like the elephant, are very large. We tend to think of these animals as being from a distant location and although that may be the case, they also find their way into our hearts when we truly get to know what they are capable of doing. In fact, elephants are not only beautiful and loving, they are also some of the smartest animals on the face of the earth.
There are many interesting facts about elephants and the more you get to know about them, the more they will touch your heart. The females are of particular interest because they tend to move in packs but the males go off on their own and wander in smaller groups. They are incredible animals and they are certainly well worth our attention. From time to time, however, we have the opportunity to take a closer look at an elephant through online video. What we learn when we do so just makes us love them all that much more.

Even though elephants are incredibly large and loving creatures, they also tend to be abused by many, cold-hearted individuals. It is unfortunate, but people who treat elephants in a poor way really give everyone who handles elephants a bad name. We often hear about it when elephants are kept in captivity at small zoos and circuses around the world. They may be chained up for years and don’t have the opportunity to move about freely. Other elephants, however, are cared for in a very loving way.

This video is taken at the Elephant Nature Preserve in Chiang Mai, Thailand. These animals are there to seek refuge and they get some security away from the possible dangers that are in the world around them. There are also many volunteers who take care of the elephants, including Sangduen “Lek” Chailert. She is the founder of this foundation and she has a special love for elephants. That love is going to be plain for everyone to see.

Not only does this woman have a love for elephants, she managed to form a special bond with one of the elephants that they care for. The elephant is named Faamai, and when you see these two interacting, it is going to touch your heart.

She uses a large red rag, not to be cruel to the elephant but rather, to be kind to her. She swipes at the elephant, keeping away flies and gently patting her on the side in order to show a little bit of comfort. As you can see, Faamai absolutely loves the attention but it is not only the fact that she is using a rag, it is what she is doing at the same time.

This woman is singing a lullaby to the elephant and it is something that she has done for a very long time. This lullaby is something that would put any child to sleep but amazingly, it also tends to relax the elephant and it isn’t long before she starts to lower herself gently to the ground.

As the voice of her friend is serenading her, Faamai starts to relax more and more and before long, she just can’t seem to stand up any longer. That is really a lot of power, and you can see that there is an exceptional amount of love that is passing back and forth between these two individuals.

Most of us wouldn’t really consider that elephants would love singing but as it turns out, they absolutely love it with all of their heart. This is not only true of Faamai, you can also see other elephants come in for a closer look and to hear the beautiful singing that is taking place. Even as the caretaker is leaning in and resting her forehead on the elephant, the other elephants are coming nearby in order to hear the music.

We tend to think of things like this from the elephants perspective but imagine what it is like to be the woman singing the music. It has to be an experience beyond compare.

There is nothing quite like watching an elephant and seeing them interact with love. This woman was able to put the elephant sleep in no time at all by singing a lullaby. Now if we were only able to do that with our children.

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